La Liga 2023/24 - Prediction League

This is a just-for-fun prediction game. No money involved.

Rules for the La Liga Prediction League game

In this game, players compete against each other in a league system, consisting of a hierarchy of leagues. A maximum of 5 players play against each other in a league by making predictions for matches.


The objective is to predict the result of matches as win/draw/lose, where

  • 1 = home team wins
  • X = draw
  • 2 = away team wins
A player earns 10 points if the match ends as predicted, and if no other player has made the same prediction; 5 points if two players make the correct prediction; 3 points for three players; 2 points for four players and 1 point for all five players.


Player A's prediction is

  • Real Madrid - Villarreal X

Player B's prediction is

  • Real Madrid - Villarreal 1

Player C's prediction is

  • Real Madrid - Villarreal 1

Player D's prediction is

  • Real Madrid - Villarreal 1

Player E's prediction is

  • Real Madrid - Villarreal 1

Nobody makes a point if Villarreal wins. Player A makes 10 points if the match ends with a draw. Players B, C, D and E make 2 points each if Real Madrid wins.

The League System

The league system consists of one level A league, two level B leagues (B1 and B2), 4 level C leagues (C1, C2, C3, C4), and so on, depending on the number of participants.

Ranking within a league is based on the points earned by the predictions.

Promotion and relegation takes place every three matchdays, which is called a prediction league season. An additional matchday will be added to a prediction league season whenever it is necessary to align its end to the end of a La Liga season. The top player of a league gets promoted, the last two players get relegated. Players are assigned to a random league in their new level. After promotion and relegation the new leagues start into the next prediction league season with zero points.

The top three players of each prediction league season of the level A league get gold, silver and bronze medals respectively. An all time list of winners is generated, the Prediction League Hall of Fame.

An initial qualifying phase determines the participants of the leagues in the very first regular prediction league season.

Tie break

If two players have the same number of points, the following criteria are used for ranking:

  • the number of predictions made
  • the number of correct predictions made
  • the match time of the last correct prediction, then the match time of the last but one correct prediction, and so on
  • drawing of lots

Qualification Level

The lowest level of leagues is called level Q, which stands for qualification level. New players always start in the qualification level. A set of special rules only applies to the qualification level:
  • The number of players in a league can be less than 5. There can even be leagues with only one player.
  • New players can join in the middle of a prediction league season. They may be disadvantaged in their first season, as they may have less matches to predict.
  • When new players join during a season, the leagues may be rearranged so that no league has more than 5 players. E.g. a league of 5 players may be split into two leagues with 3 players each as soon as a sixth player joins.
  • Players that make no predictions for a whole prediction league season in the qualification level are eliminated from the prediction league at the end of the season. They may join again at any time.
  • Only league winners are promoted from the qualification level into the lowest regular level. Depending on the number of leagues in the qualification level, there may be less than two teams relegated from leagues of the lowest regular level, and there may be leagues in the lowest regular level without relegation. If less than two players per league are relegated, the players with the lowest number of points among the players in the same rank across all leagues are selected for relegation. Tie break rules apply in that case.

Additional rules

  • Only one account per person is allowed.
  • Cooperation of players is strictly forbidden. If we see such cooperation, all players involved will be eliminated from the game.
  • Be polite when you make a post in the forum.